About Us

4NaturalPets was founded amongst two childhood friends. Deemed as animal advocates, their mission was clear; to be the voice of animals in need. Rescuing, fostering and finding animals their way home became their social responsibility…..

Alongside advocating animal rights, they lived and breathed a natural, fit lifestyle. Their eating regimen, down to their fitness routine, to what products they used on skin was researched endlessly to be the best suited for their health and well being.

The choices humans have for healthier alternatives in respect to food and personal care are infinite; but what about animals? Animals don’t have much of a choice. The market is saturated with brands that offer processed foods and personal care products that are filled with irritating chemicals.

They wanted to make a change.

They had a vision to create a social movement. To educate the importance of animals’ equal rights. Animals deserve the same healthier alternatives that humans do. The founders’ obligation became creating personal care products for pets that were good for them and even their owners.

4NaturalPets formulated for pets, tested on humans.


4NaturalPets wanted to create premium, safe products in the same regard as the industry does for humans. It was created to fill the void in the industry by offering personal care products that are efficacious, and most importantly formulated with naturally derived, safe ingredients.


PETA Approved



We wanted to create a formula for pets because we didn’t trust what was in the market place. Looking at personal care packaging and not understanding exactly what was in the formula or the really bad things that were was alarming. Half the things we read on ingredient decks didn’t even make sense. Brands weren’t being transparent of what ingredients were in their products, they had vague ingredients such as “mild surfactants” and “cleaning agents”; what does that even mean? The pet categories aren’t regulated by a third party or an FDA, so brands aren’t required to state what is in their products. BUT we wanted to fix that and will. Everyone deserves the right to know what is in pet products!


We believe in transparency, that is why you always see a full, compliant ingredient deck on our packaging.


We will continue to educate on harsh chemicals used by other brands so that the world makes healthier and wiser decisions.


We will always research and create formulations that are mindful of the health and well being of our end users.


We will always source components that are good to mother earth.


Our formulas are Vegan, Paraben Free, Soy Free, Cruelty Free, Sulfate Free, Artificial Color Free


We vow to always love the earth, our pets who are our families, and their parents through continuous social obligations.


Our formula was developed to combat key issues concerning pet care – dryness, itchiness, odor and fleas. 4NaturalPets’ unique blend of mindfully handcrafted formulas of well known ingredients to help treat pet concerns.


Moisturizing Properties:
Jojoba Seed Oil
Coconut Oil
Vitamin E
Coconut Water

Anti-Irritant Properties
Aloe Vera

Flea Repellent

Odor Neutralizer
Saccharomyces Ferment